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Soccer Tours in Madrid, Spain

Soccer Tour Guide

Join hundreds of top players, clubs & coaches!

  Established in Spain for 13 years
  Professional daily soccer/football training
  Top-of-the-line facilities
  3 official friendly matches (licensed referees, quality soccer pitches, locker rooms, etc.)

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“I commend both your program and your staff for giving my son Max the experience of a lifetime!

— Doug Weinstein, New Jersey

“Truly an amazing experience!”

“The boys received daily training from a professional coach, and Cody learned so much. The soccer training and facilities were excellent.”

“As a parent I had no worries while he was abroad. EduKick staff were there to meet him at the airport, and they promptly address any questions you may have.”

“Overall, it was a fantastic, unforgettable experience for our son. Thank you!”

— Patti d'Entremont, mother of Cody, age 17

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“The soccer training and both of the full-day
excursions were fantastic.”

“Thanks for the amazing experience!

— Lucas Pingatore, EduKick student athlete

Travel with Edukick Soccer/Football Tours

  3-star hotel or modern residential lodging
  Travel by private, air-conditioned bus
  Post-game social & intercultural exchange (when possible)
  Bilingual tour guide
  Daily language instruction by accredited native instructors (optional)
  2 full-day guided cultural excursions to historical and cultural sites
  Attend a professional match (optional)

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“Surpassed all of my expectations!”

“This was a remarkable experience for my son! I really was worried initially - the idea of him being overseas was a little scary. But now I’m SO GLAD I did!”

“My son’s confidence in himself on and off the pitch was enhanced significantly. His soccer I.Q. went up quite a bit, and so did his maturity level.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better result! He came home and immediately said, 'Mom, I wanna go back next summer!'”

— Kim Madvin, mother of Jared, age 12

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  Increase player's confidence and team morale
  Expose your team to foreign soccer culture and different styles of play
  Gain match experience against foreign youth clubs
  Increase team's conditioning by intense daily training and series of matches
  Engage your players in foreign language study to make the trip even more meaningful

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How will your team grow through travel?

  Increase your soccer team's soccer image
  Recruit new soccer players through the opportunity for team travel
  Establish a cultural exchange relationship with foreign youth teams
  Increased sponsorship & fundraising possibilities through team travel